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ACT Test: A Better Score Means More Money

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The ACT test is not just a test you take to get into college. It will help you pay for college. Did you know that you can literally slash thousands of dollars off of the price of your college expenses by doing well on the ACT test? Most students don't realize the importance of getting a good score and miss out on tens of thousands of dollars in merit scholarships.

My senior year was a challenging time and I knew if I wanted to be successful I had to invest my time in getting money in many different ways. Preparing for the ACT was one of the best decisions I made. I was able to score well because I prepared well.

I only tell you that to help you get an idea of the work it takes to reap a lot of money for college. But when you take my advice and get that high ACT test score I guarantee you will be really glad you did.

The first time I took the test, I made a 28. So guess how much money I got from that score? I received $12,200 over the course of four years as long as I maintain my GPA! I was one point short of receiving about $20,000 in tuition reduction at the private university I attend.

Why is ACT prep so important when taking the ACT test? The fact is most students fail to prepare. I once heard it said that if we fail to prepare, we prepare to fail and believe it or not it is so true. The most successful people always plan things out ahead of time and always make time to prepare.

How long you prepare depends on your schedule but try and make it a habit to study at least 30 minutes a day. During my ACT prep time I found invaluable resources that will be helpful and FREE except for one. I know. You like free stuff and so do I. :)

That's why you should check out these resources to get you started. You can receive daily ACT test questions in your email by simply signing up for them on the ACT test website to see the daily question. The second resource is Grockit .

It has tutors study groups and a great way to keep you studying by allowing users to help each other out on live tests. I mean who wouldn't want a tutor? You should check them out for sure.

The following resources I recommend are perhaps the overall best . They are the Real ACT Prep Guide and Cliff notes ACT Cram Plan. These books provide tests, formulas and guidance so make sure you buy. They are pretty cheap anyway and will put you on your way to winning thousands of dollars for your education. You also have a few more credible sources like Princeton Review.You can also check reviews for each of them and find which one suites you best.

Find the College that Generously Rewards Your ACT Score

One of the things that I advise you to focus on, is the school you will be attending. If you have already narrowed down the schools you want to attend then go to each college's website to find out how much they offer for your ACT score.

Always map out your options as to which school best fits your needs and financial situation. If you don't do your research you can end up losing out on a lot of money. Make sure you get this done.

My school offers the following.

Colleges Give Course Credit for Good Scores on the ACT Test

Another benefit of having a good ACT test score is that almost every college gives you credit for a certain score on the Math and English section. At the university I attend, a math score of 26 will get me credit for college algebra.

You need to check the specifics at the colleges you plan to attend and aim to get as much credit as possible. Because of my ACT score and AP tests I have my math credits for my business major.

That means I saved an additional $2,500 dollars on college and I have no math classes. Remember, you can get credit for other classes. This is another area you will have to map out to find out the specific scores and what credit you are able to get at your specific college or university. So what's next? Registration!

My university offers the following.

Take the ACT Free with a Fee Waiver

That should put a smile your face. I know it put one on mine. I couldn't afford it at the time and just to know I could take it twice without paying was great!

You can take it as a junior and senior in high school. You can go to your school counselor and ask them about the waiver. Before you get the fee waiver you must qualify with the following criteria.

  • Currently attend high school as a junior or senior in the United States, Puerto Rico or a U.S territory.
  • You also have to meet at least one indicator of need on the ACT fee waiver form. Your counselor will have more information.

I have to mention that the waiver does not cover late fees (or any other fees) and you get up to two waivers total. It does cover basic registration with or without the writing option as well as four colleges that you can send your scores to.

Congratulations! If you qualified you saved at least $66 and if you took the writing on both of them.

Registering for the ACT test

The first thing I have to mention is that you can register by filling out papers or create a profile online. I would advise you to register online for several reasons.

  • It's quicker.
  • It's more convenient.
  • You can make changes faster.
  • You can check your scores quicker.

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