Advanced Placement Tests Save You Money

Starting in the year 2011, the multiple choice section of the advanced placement tests will change. You will no longer lose points for answering wrong or for leaving questions blank. This means that it will likely be much easier to gain credit from your AP tests and save hundreds if not thousands on college expenses.

The best thing you can do is look for which advanced placement tests you will want to take so that you can put those courses on your high school schedule. I will explain how this works and why you should really consider getting credit through these tests.

How to Get AP Credit

Look over the list below and decide which classes you might be interested in and then go to your counselor and ask about which classes your high school offers . Explain to your counselor why you want to get in and you should be able to work something out. So the question is, how do you save money with advanced placement tests?

The answer is that if you make a good enough grade on your AP tests you will get course credit and that my friend could be hundreds if not thousands in tution and fees. But just to make sure you get credit check the grade the university you will be attending accepts. Some universities require a higher grade on advanced placments tests than others. My university generally requires a score of 3 to get credit. Yours might be different but generally a 3 is an acceptable score. You can find advanced placement testsscoring policies on the official College Board website.

The next thing you should do is prepare well for any of the exams you decided to take. Clcik on each link to get inside information on what will be covered as well as sample questions for each course. It's easy to see that advanced placement tests are very beneficial and will save you money.

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