College Scholarships for Re-entering Students

1. Declare a Major for More Money.

First, let's talk about how declaring a major could possibly get you more college scholarships . In my case I decided to go the business route. I then looked up information on the school of business on my university website. To my surprise, even freshman that declared a major were eligible for college scholarships.

On the other hand, if you don't declare a major you could be losing out on college scholarships so take your time now to at least have an idea of what you want to study. Most students never really think of what they want to do and they end up paying a bigger college bill than they really have to.

2. Ask About Endowment Scholarships in Your Department

It never hurts to ask about endowment scholarships at your university. As a matter of fact, most people don't ask and end up getting more and more loans. The point of college is to help you build a better future not drown in debt but unfortunately it will happen to the many who just expect things to to fall in their lap.

I never really thought much about being involved in band as much as I was in high school that is until I realized I was going to receive an endowed scholarship. Don't get me wrong, I really like band but it was awesome to know I was getting more help.

I met a very nice couple that worked closely with the music department and they decided to give me an endowed scholarship. My advice to you is to consider doing some of the same activities you did in high school and ask that particular department if there are any scholarships available.

You will come to find out that there are very generous people that want to help you get more college scholarships. So, don't stress just go out and do this stuff.

3. Get an Academic Scholarship

How do you do this? It's really simple. You need to make a certain score on your college entrance exam ( ACT test or SAT test )and since it varies so widely I'll leave it up to you to check with your prospective university.

Keep in mind that out of all of the college scholarships discussed on this page, this one has the most requirements so make sure you're aware of this. Check up the requirments and you will be saving tons of money. You see, college scholarships can be won so go get them!

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