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If you are on the lookout for the best deals on college textbooks then stop because I will reccomend them to you and then explain why it's the best decision you can make. The first reccomendation I have is because it is simple and very cheap. They allow you to rent textbooks and that allows them offer you cheap college textbooks.

After all, you should always aim to save as much money as you can because it will all add up eventually. Personally, I have saved over $1,000 on textbooks and that's only in this first years. Over the span of four years I will save an estimated amount of $4,000 dollars on textbooks.

After you purchase from them they also provide FREE return shipping on your books. I was so excited when I found my college textbooks as low as $6 compared to buying them for over $100. You don't want to miss out and because you visited my site I have a coupon that will give you an additional discount on your next order.

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When Chegg isn't offering the best deals on cheap college textbooks you can visit Amazon for some cheap deals. Sometimes, you can buy books that cost $1. What's great about Amazon is that they offer all college students free 3 day shipping for a whole year and that can amount to hundreds if not thousands in savings. Click to sign up for the FREE year!

After you sign up for the FREE year you can begin your search. Finding cheap college textbooks has never been this easy so remember to buy cheap and sell high. I'm just kidding about selling high. But you can sell your textbooks if you prefer buying.

Sell Your Textbooks

I talked to a student at my university about what he did to buy cheap textbooks and he jokingly told me that he bought really cheap textbooks and then made some profit from them by selling them at a slightly higher price.

I thought he was kidding but he wasn't. I don't do that myself but the point is that you can sell used college textbooks and get some money back so start today.Just don't try to rip people off. Sell them at a reasonable price! Share this page!

Leave a comment below and if you have other places that offer better deals let me know.

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