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Money for college is on the mind of every high school student that wants to go to college including you. I was there once. I worked hard and went from no
college scholarships
to enough. You can do it too!

I remember thinking so negative about my situation and I say that because my first meeting with my college advisor led me to my first disappointment. I was not eligible to receive any government grants to help me pay for college. Imagine that! No federal loans and no student grants! Nothing! Not one dime! The only help I've received is from my state in the form of TEG.

Although I don't have a degree on "how to get college financial aid" (Some people make it seem like you have to go to college to know about financial aid. That means go to college to learn about how to get money for college...How ironic!) I do have the experience and knowledge to help you. I am a living witness that even if the federal government doesn't help, you can succeed if you persevere.

But why should you believe me? I am currently attending a private university without ANY federal student loans or college grants. Debt free! You will most likely get some federal aid if not a lot depending on a variety of factors but be encouraged and know that it is possible but you better start sooner than later.

I knew nothing about getting scholarships. It was either success or failure and like you I was determined to find a way. I built this site to help you by simply providing important information that will help you get college financial aid.

Unlike most scholarship sites that just throw information at you; I want to make it as simple yet as effective as possible for you. The goal of this site is to help YOU. I have a passion to help YOU because I know what it feels like to be in your shoes. Don't get scared just get started. Remember, there is money for college.

My advice to you is to take a different perspective than the one you might be taking now. Maybe you think it's too much work and information to deal with. I think that's what overwhelmed me.

But my site is built to give you the resources and information to work in an organized way so that you can maximize your time. I give you what you need to know and all you have to do is apply it.

Believe me when I say you will save tons of money for college through discounts and budgeting. I'm not here to lie to you and give you a "formula". I want to simplify the process by providing vital information along with your perseverance to succeed.

Are you just starting? I'll help you get started.

The truth is you need money for college and it can be hard especially if you are just getting started. I'm sure by now you feel a little better after reading the previous section but let me clarify the topic even more by giving you the truth about the free money for college that is available.

Let me give you a few myths about recieving financial aid.

    Myths on financial aid
  • Only the smartest get help.
  • Only the low income students get help.
  • Only those with a lot of talent get help.
  • There is not enough free college money to go around.
  • There is no money left because of the recession.

Take a look at all the myths and know that you are indeed qualified to recieve help but you have to want it enough to go and look for it. The money is there but only those who find it can get it. Let me make it clear that you can win money for college.

Money for college

It's true that there is a lot of competition for the money but what do you lose out on if you try? The odds are that you can get more money if you try. On the other hand, if you never try then you can't expect to get anything. As a student, you will have the opportunity to earn and save money in order to buy the things you wanted so much, for example, gadgets or plantronics backbeat fit 2100.

So what am I saying? I'm simply saying that not trying will guarantee 100% failure but if you try there is no telling how much you can earn. Just try it!Through this site you will definitely learn about money for college.

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