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SAT Test:Better Score Means More Money

The SAT test is one of the two college entrance exams you can take. The other one being the ACT test. The SAT focuses on testing the student's writing, math and reading skills. The ACT focuses on testing the math, science, reading and english.

Another difference between the tests is that ACT does not count off points for questions you guess on and the SAT test does. Your SAT test is just one way the university or college measures your ability as a student.

Find a College that Greatly Rewards Your SAT Test Score

When choosing your college you have to think about what they offer you for your test score . It is important to balance your options and check each college. Find out what they are willing to give you.

This is one of the reasons you need to score very well. The higher score you get the more money you will get so keep that in mind. Here is what my university offers. You can find one similar on the website of the potential universities you will be attending.

FREE Resources to Practice the SAT Test

SAT prep courses and materials are vital. There are many resources on the internet but I want to narrow down those resources to only those that work and will benefit you. The first resources you should go get is the FREE practice test offered on the SAT test site.

Another way to stay on track and studying every day is to register for the daily SAT test questions you will receive in your email. It will get you familiar with the test as well as keep you on track with your studying. Click on the image below to sign up.

The Official SAT Question of the Day™

Another place that is great is Grockit . Here you can study completely free alongside other students as well as a tutor who sometimes will tutor you for free. The SAT test will become a lot easier once you form a good study habit. How does it become a habit?

Make sure you do it every day even if it's just 10 minutes. Finally, the last resource I recommend to you is the Official SAT Study Guide . It was created by the College Board and is a great investment. You can buy it cheaper on Amazon rather than on the SAT website.

Just click the picture below to see the price. The book provides the most complete guidance but what will get you a good score is the practice you put in.

What Does the SAT Test Contain?

When you take your test you will have three sections that will be tested . The critical reading section contains all multiple choice questions and you will have 70 minutes to complete a total of 67 questions. The two question types in the reading section will be passage based questions and sentence completion questions.

In the Math section you have a total of 70 minutes to answer 54 questions. It is also divided into two types which include multiple choice questions and student produced responses where you will have to write an answer instead of just bubbling.

Make sure you are familiar with math topics such as numbers, operations, algebra, geometry, data analysis, statistics and probability. I know the math section sounds hard but you won't know until you go look at it so don't get scared. For extra math help, visit Rakiya's Math Problem Solving Page.

You need to take a practice test to be even more familiar with each section of the test. I have resources further down the page to help you get started with your practice test. The final portion of the SAT is the writing section. In the writing portion of the test you will have questions in which you have to recognize grammar errors as well as sentence errors.

You will have a total of 60 minutes to complete this portion which has 50 questions and a short essay. In the essay portion you just have to answer whatever prompt you are given. You have 25 minutes exactly to complete the essay. Make sure you pace yourself.

The test also has the assessment of writing which has been integrated to help colleges with admissions. Some colleges require that you do this so make sure to check if you will need to take this portion of the test . The main thing on this section is to develop your unique point of view with support.

And of course they will be looking for mistakes in your english so brush up on your rules before you take the test.

How Do I Register for the SAT Test?

If you want to take the test make sure you register early and check the SAT test dates so that you won't have to pay a standby fee . Remember that you might qualify to take the test FREE of charge just go ask your counselor if you qualify. Click the image below to register for the test.

How the SAT Test Can Get You College Credit.

One of the benefits of doing very well on the test is college course credit . That means that if you score high enough on certain portions of the test your college will potentially award you credit for a class.

That means you just saved possibly thousands of dollars because you cut out classes . You won't pay for tuition or books and that is a very important part of cutting your college costs. It is sad that so few students care for their score.

They miss out on saving thousands of dollars. Get to work and earn your money. Keep looking for new ways to improve and you will be grateful in the end that you did.

Preparing Your Mind for the SAT Test

Even though using all the resources I referred you to is a great way to prepare there is nothing that replaces an attitude of hard work . Take challenging classes in high school and push yourself to do more than just what's required.

This step is vital in order to be mentally prepared. I always put it this way: If you make it a habit to work hard, that same habit will carry over when you take your SAT test. Good luck and I hope you do well.

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