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Student Grants

Student grants are basically free money that you won't have to pay back. Grants come from the federal government as well as your state government. Most grants you will be eligibly for will be from the government although there are other sources for grants.

The most important thing about your financial plan is understanding the differnt types of money you will be receiving. College grants ultimately are the best type of financial aid you will be receiving if you qualify.

The federal government requires that you fill out the FAFSA in order to recieve any type of grant but they also have other qualifications and requirments for different types of grants. I will explain each type of grant on seperate pages to help you better understand how things work.

The federal government alone has billions of dollars to give to qualifying students but the students who receive the money are those that not only meet the requirments but that know how to do things early . You will always be at an advantage by filling out your FAFSA early.

You will be among the first in line to receive student grants. So procrastinating is never a good idea when it comes to anything having to do with financial aid. Many colleges give out grants on a first come first serve basis so stay on top of everything. One thing that really helps is to keep your deadlines on a calender.

It will help you keep track of how much time you have to fill out your FAFSA. You can start filling it out after January 1st. Don't ever think that filling things out early is bad because it's not.

Remember to make it a habit to turn things in early. But remember that student grants are free money!Go apply for student grants by filling out you FAFSA application.

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