A Few Tips When Applying for International Scholarships

When searching for international scholarships, a specific program must be chosen. A quality program will award scholarships to students entering higher education system in the branch of Priority Careers that are linked to the applied sciences, natural social studies, basic sciences (graduate and technical programs and university degree).

international scholarships


It is important to start your search in advance. You are competing with other students registering for the program. Those who signed and sent the documentation may refer to the evaluation results from the specific dates consultation section entering their ID number.

Call to Students Admitted

The respective scholarships department is in charge of notifying students about results. According to sources, many Scholarship Programs have increased the quota for scholarships for the year.

If the screening leaves you aside, you can send the documents for another evaluation. Submit documentation on time so you can see, where and what time, you enter your document and so on. In most cases, you can check your status by entering your ID in the "Consultations".

You can find a suitable scholarship program and financial support provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your respective country, aimed at foreign nationals wishing to study abroad. You can fully enjoy a magnificent experience.

Things to Keep in Mind

You do not want to waste time. If you have the opportunity to go for it since these programs are usually offered in a single call per year, unilateral and open to a lot of countries.

While requirements vary, in the case of foreign nationals, not being the resident in that country, except those who already possess the refugee status granted by the country must comply with the below statements.

  • Not being resident in the country for which the scholarship is requested.
  • Have specific qualifications, which are required to take the selected course. Where appropriate, applicants must complete the necessary procedures to the relevant educational authorities.
  • Be an adult (18 years under law). For studies lasting more than six months, preferably not to exceed thirty-five years old. For studies with a shorter duration, no such age limit.
  • Having duly accredited knowledge that is sufficient of the respective language or foreign to the realization of the planned studies.
  • Possess ability to study psychophysical studies have unforeseen and infectious diseases.
  • Be current on tax obligations and Social Security.
  • Enter e-mail notifications.

Don't forget that it is important to have pre-admission in the center where the host university or the acceptance of research center is at. You need to focus in order to deal with each detail properly. While it may appear easy, it may take some time till you gather the papers and everything that is requested. This can be a wonderful experience so don't let it pass in front of you. Organize yourself and make the best out of it.

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