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Choosing the Right College

Using the Right Criteria

Choosing the right college can be a difficult challenge. The college admissions process deals with a myriad of things including the overwhelming task of finding and selecting the right college for you, knowing which college search tools to utilize, and the professional reason for choosing your school.

According to the outlines provided by the U.S Department of Education, you should begin by considering which settings work best for you academically and socially including the

  • Class Size
  • Admissions Criteria
  • Which career you want in order to select the right major
  • Finding the right social structure including,
  • Greek life
  • Sports
  • Clubs and
  • Other activities

In order to determine which schools meet the criteria needed for your future job field, you need to know which job field you want and therefore, which major is appropriate. Understanding whether you are more comfortable socializing with a single group of close friends, or if you are more comfortable one-on-one with people is a major aspect of choosing the right college.

Another important factor is whether or not you prefer to socialize in large groups when you are worn out or if you prefer to be alone. Of course, if selecting a major is giving you a difficult time, then speaking with your favorite teachers, adult friends, parents, rand counselors will be helpful.

According to Caren Osten Gerszberg, a contributor for the New York Times, looking at the type of school is another important factor in the college application process because it allows you when choosing the right college.

* You can decide if you want a vocational school, a two year or a four year school, and whether you are looking for an associate, bachelors, or vocational degree. * Consider whether you want a public or private school, a large or small location, the total number of students, and the number of faculty members-to-students ratio.

* Understanding which location you prefer, as well as the surrounding location is another important factor. This means knowing whether you want a school which is local, out of state, or out of the country and whether you want an urban college environment surrounding the school, or you want a smaller town with a calm environment. * Look into the housing options, tuition, and financial aid. * It is also beneficial to consider the ratios of ethnic, racial, and religious diversity, colleges founded on religious principles, or single-sex colleges.

The best way to discover information about the college admissions process and help you when choosing the right college, using the appropriate tools will keep you informed and up to date. These tools include talking with guidance counselors who are there to do just that: to guide.

The tools also include using online, government-supported sites such as, as well as researching the requirements on the websites of each college of interest. At college fairs, you are presented with the characteristics of each represented college by personal advisors whose is to answer your questions while providing you with pamphlets about the college.

The second part of the college admissions process is being able to understand the difference between the admissions requirements and the procedures. offers the perfect resource for high school students, explaining and providing aid for the admissions requirements.

The admissions requirements dictate what the school requires of its incoming freshman students. This generally includes criteria such as an average GPA for incoming freshman, their SAT and AP exam scores, acceptance of college credits or CLEP exams you have taken, and then other related information such as the retention and graduation rates. The admissions procedures include the application and other required information when submitting an application.

By Guest Writer Lacey J.

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