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College Costs:Get the Most for Your Money.

When you think of college costs you might feel overwhelmed with making decisions about college but I'm here to help you make your pick. When you look for a college, the first thing you need to look at is the price .

Why do I say that? I want you to attend the best college but on if it's the right price. You have to find a balance between an ideal college and how much it will cost you. That requires that you do college comparisons .

You don't want to attend a college where you have to carry the huge burden college costs and end up having to quit college because you couldn't afford it. You also don't want to go to a college that doesn't have a good program for your major.

A great way to reduce costs by thousands of dollars is to attend a local university and stay at home for a few more years.

I am a business major at Wayland Baptist University and I believe I made the right choice because I researched and found out they had a good program that I planned to pay for in a variety of ways. Although it's private, I was able to afford it because I had a plan .

Because I planned every expense to the dollar I was able to secure financial aid that equaled my costs . You have to do the same. That is the first step in your process of selecting. Without a plan you will end up having to pay for it with loans and that's a burden I don't want you or your parents to carry in this economy.

I have to say though that if you need a small loan go ahead and take it but keep in mind that the sooner you pay it off the better. You certainly don't want to keep paying interest for the rest of your life.

So here are the steps to help you select the right college with the right college costs as well as a few other expenses you must keep in mind.

Step 1:Look at Your Choices as well as College Costs

Go on the internet and do some research on potential colleges you would like to attend. First, look at the college costs and determine if you have to pay in state or out of state tuition. If you are going out of state realize it will be more expensive for you but you could potentially get a good financial aid package out of state that beats going to a school in your state.

Another factor that determines the cost is whether the institution is private or public . Private colleges are usually more expensive but they usually have more endowed scholarships to help you pay for your college costs.

Public colleges are less expensive so depending on your situation this might be your best choice. Here are my college costs for Wayland.

Step 2: Make a Plan to Pay for the College Costs

This step is vital and will help you build a plan to match your needs . I would recommend starting with writing down the money you have already saved up.

Then you need to go to FAFSA4caster This amazing tool will predict the financial aid you are eligible for at the federal level. After you do that, you need to go to my scholarships page to get more information on where to find private scholarships. You should apply for as many as possible to maximize your earning potential.

Also keep in mind that states also offer different types of grants so check your state's website to see what you qualify for and how much you can get. Go to each institution you plan on attending and ask about institutional scholarships to find out what you qualify for.

If you can think of other ways to get money for college feel free to share your ideas with me by contacting me.

Step 3: Make the Decision that Best Fits Your Situation.

You will have to compare the financial aid packages of all the institutions you plan to attend. You should be asking questions about the financial aid packages. What are the total costs?

Do I have the necessary financial aid to pay for my college costs? Which college offers a really great program for my major? You should aim for middle ground and you will find out that once you start attending you will be stress free . You get the best of both worlds: a good school to attend and at the right price.

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Find out more about paying for college .

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