The 10 best graduation gifts every high school graduate secretly wants you to buy them

When you shop around for a high school graduate gift it can be pretty tough considering the vast changes in trends and really it's difficult to pinpoint what would be helpful in college. This list of graduation gifts fit both male and female and each one was chosen because it either helps or makes college life relaxing.

1. A Car

Although it might seem rather obvious that this gift is one of the most coveted, it's something essential to most students who are going to live in a college dorm. For the most part, students have jobs off campus and if this is the case, then they will definitely love the fact that they don't have to walk or ride a bike half way across town.

See this as a token of gratitude for all of their hard work and if you want to look for cheap cars that run well, you should consider buying used and asking for a car fax so that you have a smaller chance of getting scammed. They will love you and it will encourage them to do better.

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2. A Smart Phone

It used to be that texting was the newest and most popular thing but now with Facebook and Twitter, students are more engaged with their friends via social media but that's not the main reason that a smart phone is smart decision. Now, students are able to access homework assignments on the go through homework portals like Blackboard.

Black board provides an app specifically for smartphones like the IPhone and Android phones. This can definitely put the power of the internet at their disposal when doing homework.

3. A Laptop

A laptop is good for music and just kicking back to watch a movie once you're done with work but it also works well for students who have online classes. Personally, I take hybrid classes (a combination of online and offline) and it helps tremendously to know that I can carry my laptop anywhere to do my homework. You can go with an HP, Dell or even a Mac and although Macs will have a steeper price you can get discounted Mac computers .

4. A Tablet

If a laptop is too much to afford, you can go with an alternative called a tablet. Two of the best ones on the market are the IPad and the Kindle Fire from Amazon. Just to make it clear, the IPad overall is a better product but it's going to cost you a few hundred dollars more than the Kindle Fire which, for its price, is rather good. You can get a discounted IPad 2 on my website by clicking the previous link and conducting a search. Once you search, it will automatically direct you to the discount page.

Tablets can be a big help to students considering that some textbooks can now be read on tablets. It's easy access and it can help students do homework and research. In addition, you can buy a keyboard attachment that transforms a tablet into a type of laptop. Now, you can get the best of both worlds.

5. A Gaming system

You would think that video games are a type of childhood entertainment but that's simply not true. A gaming system would be a great graduation gift if you know they truly enjoy playing games on their time off.

College is a time in life when everything gets complicated and busy. Playing games is a good addition to their arsenal of relaxation. Believe me; I do it all the time. You can go with either an or a .

6. A Gift card for clothes

As students go to college there is one thing that will help them cope with the freshman 15 (gaining 15 pounds of weight freshman year) that everyone knows will and can happen. A gift card for clothes to their favorite store is an ideal gift to any high school graduate. Even if they don't use it now, they will in college.

7. Netflix or Amazon subscription

College is stressful so buy them a whole year subscription to streaming movies. Netflix is a great way for students to enjoy movies although might be a better fit because of additional benefits such as a whole year of free two day shipping on products that are bought from Amazon.

8. An HD tv

If they don't already have one, they will need one to watch tv in college. Some colleges already have televisions and activity rooms but if that's not the case for the student, then it's best they have their own tv. It's a great way to relax on the weekends when there's little to do. You can purchase an .

9. Gift card for college textbooks

College textbooks aren't cheap and in addition to using a college textbook comparison tool, it might be a good idea to give them a gift card for a textbook store such as Chegg and perhaps even load up a prepaid visa so they can purchase books online. I personally rent my own books and save thousands of dollars so it's definitely a good strategy and a perfect high school graduation gift.

10. Suit case set

Students do a lot of traveling from college to their homes and nothing is better than knowing they can always pack all of their stuff in a suitcase set. It's a big part of college life when you think about it. This high school graduate gift idea is perhaps one of the most convenient. They probably won't remember to buy a set so it's best to buy them one beforehand.

If you have other gift ideas for high school graduates, please feel free to share in the comments section below and if you used this website to pick a graduate's gift please leave feedback. Either way, I don't see how a high school graduate wouldn't want any of the above. I personally know that I would want most of these products. It makes college life so much easier.

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