Making money in college: how students can earn some extra cash

Besides the fact that paying off college loans takes a lot of money, many students even getting scholarships are broke. That is why many of them are looking for a part-time job to combine with their studies and be able to cover the part of the debt and their basic needs like books, food, dorm, and entertainment. Luckily, there are many opportunities to earn some extra bucks not interfering with the process of studying and the major part of them provides flexibility and ability to work from home.

Top 6 ways to earn money in college

If you wonder how to make money as a college student, there is the whole list of options you can choose from depending on your skills and interests:
1. Work on campus. After submitting FAFSA, you can apply for a position on campus: this job includes some administrative work, it is funded by the government and allows you to work and do home assignments simultaneously. You can also choose to work as a research assistant as some colleges offer this job even to undergraduates. You will be collecting data, help in a lab, do any tasks your professor will ask you and get the experience;
2. Freelance. You can be a writer, designer, proofreader/editor, blogger or a translator. Freelance is a great ability to manage your schedule effectively combining studies and work. However, success doesn`t happen overnight and you will have to work on your reputation and skills to get orders that will bring you big money;
3. Tutoring. If someone asked you «Can you Write My Science Homework» at least a few times, then you definitely can consider a tutoring job. What subject do you know the best? You don`t need to have a level of your professor to become a tutor and help your group mates with difficult tasks, knowing a subject good will be enough to get clients. For example, if you are good at writing, you can handle academic writing assignments and compete with such well-known writing services as;
4. Driving. If you have your own car, why not to use its advantages to make some extra cash? Now when we have such services as Uber and Lyft, you only need to register in the app and pick people up when you have some spare time. An average Uber driver earns $20 per hour with 25% fare going to Uber. You also should remember about expenses for gas and maintenance;
5. Cleaning. Some people love cleaning while the majority hate it. This becomes a good reason to offer cleaning services and not only for your group mates. Print some business cards with your contact information and ask your friends to spread a word of mouth. On average, it can bring you $25-35 per hour and working a few times a week can easily bring you a hundred;
6. House sitting. Here you have two options that do not require much effort: babysitting and pet sitting. If you love kids, working a few hours a week as a babysitter will bring you a few bucks. Surprisingly, but people pay the same if not more for taking care of their pets.
While you are trying to get a temporary job to make money in college, don`t forget to apply for a scholarship and all possible grants. Many people don`t apply for some of them just because they think they are not good enough, which gives you a great opportunity to get it easily.

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