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Scholarship Recommendation Letter:

Top Tips To Writing It With Success

The scholarship recommendation letter is one of the more compelling pieces of criteria that many scholarship organizations use for choosing their candidates and because this is true, you have to make sure you leave an impression that distinguished you from the crowd.

A few of the recommendations letters might vary in requirements but typically you want to give the person writing it for you, a set of criteria that will establish you as a unique and solid candidate for the scholarship.

First you have to step into the mind of a judge and realize that they might see hundreds if not thousands of scholarship recommendation letters from all over the nation unless of course, you are applying for a local scholarship.

If you don't stand out like a sore thumb, then you already diminish your credibility as a candidate and that's something that you don't want to do. The first impression makes or breaks your application as a whole; so get this part right and you probably have a big win in your hands but do this wrong and you could end up losing and wasting time.

So here are a few suggestions and rules for the person writing your scholarship recommendation letter to follow. I've used this method myself and have had success in my scholarship earnings. I think you'll come to realize that your scholarship recommendation letter is basically a short summary of who you are and what you've done.

Credibility Counts

1. Make sure that you have credible sources like a teacher, or principal. Having credibility is the foundation on which the rest of your letter depends on and if your foundation is weak then it diminishes the value of the entire letter.

If the scholarship is specific to a certain thing like community service (This example will assume you're applying for a community service scholarship), then make sure you have a credible community service leader that can write genuinely about your work. In addition to having a credible source, the person writing it must see that you are a credible worker so when doing community service, be a team player and have a good attitude.

Prove Competence

2. The second aspect that you have to prove through this letter is that you are not only credible but competent. This means that you have a unique ability to do excellent work in your area of interest. For example, what part did you play in your last community project and were you leading or simply there because you wanted to do the bare minimum?

The judges will immediately distinguish your scholarship recommendation letter from others if they notice that you not only participated but held a crucial role. This is where specifics can help you to win the mind of your judges.

Establish Confidence

3. The last thing that needs to be accomplished is confidence in the decision the judge will make about you. Some of these judges are passionate about what they do (like community service) so make sure the letter brings assurance that if they pick you, it would be the best decision for them to make.

Write Down Your Work

4. Finally, you can help the person writing your scholarship letter by giving them a page of information on the specifics of your work (like community service projects) and what roles you played as well as how long you've been involved and how it made in impact in your community.

Carefully consider all four pieces of advice I outlined above among others you may come up with and hand it to your scholarship letter writer so that they can have a clear idea of what needs to be said in the letter. Remember, if you forget one of these steps, your scholarship recommendation letter could end up in the losing pile.

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