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Scholarships For College: A Matter of Knowing Where to Look

Scholarships for college can be easy to find when you have the right information. I am very experienced in finding scholarships for several reasons. First, I was desperate and looked everywhere I could think of.

I really needed scholarships and I was willing to look anywhere and willing to ask anyone . That was part of my success and now I just want to help you find them by teaching you my method as well as where I looked.

I can't tell you enough that perseverance is a key aspect of finding scholarships for college. Without it you simply won't find them. I want to tell you why you should persevere and keep an attitude of "I can do it."

One day while I was in my computer class I looked up my daily ACT question and since I had extra time I decided I would look in my local newspaper's website to look for some scholarships for college. I honestly didn't think I would find anything.

On top of that, I was already discouraged because I searched the day before and did not find any scholarships for college. So how did I do it? I kept telling myself that if I kept trying and kept pushing something had to come up .

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I typed all kinds of keywords in the search like "scholarships," "money for college" but still I did not find any. Then I decided to try one final keyword which was "scholarships with a trip," and to my surprise I found an article about a local scholarship.

Guess what came with it? A $500 check and a 7 day trip to Washington D.C. Who wouldn't want a FREE trip!? Scholarships for college are all around you sometimes you have to be willing to go the extra mile and find them. And by the way, I did win the scholarship.

I bet you want to know who gave it. Do a search for an electric co-operative that might be handing out scholarships like the one I won. Go search for it in your local newspaper's website or do a search on Google.

Put in keywords like "electric cooperative scholarship in _______." Experiment with different words until you find something. If you win that means you're on your way to Washington D.C.

Important Places to Find Scholarship for College


Your local newspaper is the ideal place to find scholarships for college considering business that offer them want you to know what's available to you. Even if they don't tell you they are offering scholarships you could easily call businesses that are listed and ask if they offer anything.

It never hurts to ask. That's one thing I really want you to understand. Ask! Ask! Ask! The next thing you should do is go to the newspaper's website and type in keywords that could bring up articles about scholarships for college in your area. You will read below about what keywords you should type.

Counselor's Office

You can make an appointment with your counselor or just drop by to ask the person questions concerning scholarships for college . You have to understand that for the most part counselors are great resources to point you to local scholarships.

I visited with my counselor and to my surprise she led me to a whole pile of scholarships they had stored in a filing cabinet. And guess what? I actually won a $1,000 scholarship with one of them. Make your counselor your friend and you might be surprised what they can lead you to.

Ask Everyone You Know

I know you think it's embarrassing but consider the cost. You cold potentially lose out on a lot of money because you were too scared to ask. Ask your teachers, friends, parents or anyone you might think knows about scholarships for college.

I have to admit. I was afraid at first but I did it and it paid off. I asked a security officer at my school if he knew of any scholarships for college and he directed me toward the PAGA (Pan American Golf Association) and they chose me for a $1,000 scholarship.

That is testimony enough and if I were you I would do it. That's an extra thousand bucks and pretty soon it adds up like it did for me.

Do Keyword Searches

What is a keyword search? It's what you do when you type a word or a phrase at the Google search engine . This is a vital part of finding money for college for several reasons.

One of the benefits of doing keyword searches is that you will find scholarships for college that are not listed on major scholarship sites. What does that mean for you though?

It just means that you have less competition and are more likely to win it because only those willing to look for them find them. People miss out on a ton of money like this.

Most people want everything to be found for them on a major scholarship search site but the truth is that many scholarship funds don't want them posted on there or they just don't know about those sites. That's a plus for you. Let me give you a few tips for typing in keywords that will help find those hidden scholarships.

    Tips for keyword search
  • Type varying phrases. Instead of typing “Latino scholarships,” type “scholarships for Latinos.”
  • Type scholarships by state like “community service scholarships in Texas.”
  • Type phrases for specific things like “scholarships for left handed person.”
  • Type anything that comes to mind about your life that might have a scholarship like a “single mother scholarship.”
  • Google provides keyword suggestion when you type a keyword so try all of them out.
  • The best advice is to brainstorm anything you might think has a scholarship and experiment. You just never know.

Go to Scholarship Websites

Another helpful tool to finding scholarships for college is to go to major scholarship search sites . It's a fact that you will find more on those sites than anywhere else so look for them.

What's good about these sites is that they allow you to create a profile and then match you to scholarships that are specific to you. It doesn't get better than that. Go check these websites out and find the scholarships for college you have been searching for. Here is a list:

Buy a Scholarship Book

Why should you buy books? The important words are . It is a vital resource to find the thousands of scholarships that may not be listed on sites and that are specific to your area and attributes.

I personally used them for my scholarship searches and little did I know that they had very relevant and useful information that led me to find more scholarships. I even used them to type in keywords and maximize my potential scholarships for college.

Here are my recommendations for you to use. Although this resource is it not free it is essential to your scholarship search. You won't spend over $30 and by buying the book you have the potential of earning a lot more money than you invested.

Organizations and Elementary School

If you are very active in any type of group or organization you have potential scholarships for college. Think of all things you were involved in from the time you started school.

I remember I was involved with the migrant program so I decided to apply for the ACET scholarship and won $1,000 . It was as simple as writing my name, address and a paragraph of how I overcame the hurdle of learning english.

If you can't remember everything you did then it would be a good idea to ask your parents . They will remember a lot of things you probably forgot. That equals potential scholarships for college.

I also went back to my elementary school and found out they also offered up to $500 in scholarship money. It might not be a lot but if you start counting up all the money on my pages you can see how it adds up. So remember to ask every organization, group or elementary school if they offer scholarships for college.

Your Local Church

Do you attend church? Maybe you do and maybe you don't but you can still ask churches if they offer scholarships for college. Some churches are very generous and just want to help people.

Many churches make big contributions to the community and this is just one of the ways they serve you. Remember to be polite and thank them.

Parents' Workplace

Most people don't know about this source because they never ask. I mean parents too. I have encountered people who have had their parents' employer pay for a portion of the educational expenses.

Many times the companies your parent or parents work for offer scholarships for college only to the children of those that are employed. Don't miss out on this easy money.

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