6 ways for college students to make money online

Are you a broke college student that needs more money? If so, then I know you're going to love raking in some extra cash after you read this. College is hard and having fun and eating can get expensive. I'm a college student myself and I know what that feels like. So I started my search to make more money and I'm making money myself. I want to share with you some of my secrets so you can profit as well. So make sure you share this page.



Fiverr.com is a unique website that allows you to sell your personal services at price points of $5 and $10 for every "gig" that you complete. This is a good place to showcase even the smallest of your talents. For example, you might find it easy to edit a snippet of audio, write articles, build links, create graphics, and many, many things like this. Let's say you did 10 gigs at $10 each. That's an extra $80 after the fees are taken out. I've personally made a good amount of extra cash with this and it's completely free to sign up. That's a good way for college students to make money online.


2. Iwriter.com is another way for you to start making some money online. If you're good at writing articles (they just have to be unique and not plagiarized) then you have the potential to really rake in some cash once you build your reputation. Some articles have payouts of $15 and higher. This is why it's part of my 'how to make money while in college' websites.


3. Another route that is perhaps for profitable than the previous two is freelance work. You can visit sites like freelance.com, elance.com, and odesk.com. There is a huge need for outsourcing and it's exploding in growth every year. It's a good way to make cash if you're good with photo work, graphics, seo, writing and other skills as well. This could very well be considered part of the easy ways to make money in college.


Swagbucks.com tops of the 'easy ways to make money in college' because of its rewards program. You get "swagbucks" for things that you already do like searching for things on the internet, buying on Amazon, playing games, watching videos and even taking surveys. The points that you earn can help you buy gift cards, electronics and even money.

Sell Photos

Another option is to sell pictures on shutterstock.com. You can display your professional pictures on this website and sell them to interested buyers. There are literally thousands and thousands of websites that are constantly buying images so it can become quite profitable. So if you're a picture taking fanatic this is the perfect fit and that's why it's part of ways for college students to make money.


The last way to make money is through a website. I would high recommend you read my other post on how to make money as a college student with a website. I personally chose this route and although it's not the easiest it can be the most profitable and can help you pay for school instead of just getting some small cash.

Last words

If you would like to add to this list of 'ways for college students to make money online' then I welcome your input. Submit a comment below and tell us your story so that others can benefit. I would also welcome additional posts in the form below with the following titles 'how to make money in college without a job' and 'how to make extra money in college' 'how can college students make money' 'how can a college student make money' 'easy ways for college students to make money' 'easy ways to make money for college students' 'ways for college students to make money online' 'how college students can make money' 'ways to make money as a college student' and 'ways for college students to make money.'

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